Sunday, April 8, 2012

What We Wore: A Day at the Zoo!

So this is a double outfit post: what I wore and what Talinn wore to the zoo.  This is my typical mom uniform.  I wear it at least once every weekend.  I just switch out the scarf and voila I have a new outfit!

I originally saw these scarves on Good Life for Less and immediately was smitten.  I love the floral print and the pop of colors.  The price was right so of course I bought two.  But if truth be told I could!

On a side note, I used to hate TOMS.  I saw them everywhere on style blogs and I was like BLAH why are people wearing those?!?  They look like bandaged feet!  But then I caved and bought a pair...and I LOVE them.  They are so comfortable and cute. Clearly, everyone knows better than I do!

{Jacket: Similar, Sweater: Similar, Tee: Similar, Scarf: Forever 21, Jeans: Similar, Shoes: TOMS}

I've also decided to share some of the outfits that my son wears because I love dressing him!  When I was pregnant, I thought about how fun it would be to dress a little girl if I had one (enter: visions of pink, ruffly tutus).  But then I found out I was having a boy and I had to get creative.  I think having a little boy requires you to shop a little harder and mix and match more.  You don't just walk into a store and see a head-to-toe baby blue outfit and think: that's adorable (like you do when you see a pink one).  And of course I've had to find my own baby boy accessories like bow-ties and suspenders to replace the ribbons and bows!

{Hat: Boden, Shirt: Carter's, Sweater: Gap, Jeans: Similar, Socks: Boden}

This hat is my favorite.  We have certainly got our money's worth out of it this winter.  I love the combination of colors: the orange pompom, the grey and navy stripes and the red applique car.  It's so boy but also super cute.

We got the shirt at Carter's during a buy one, get one sale.  We bought a TON of stuff because it was such a good deal!

So there you have it.  Dressing a little boy can be fun!


  1. Could that little man be any cuter?! And love your outift!

    1. I think he's pretty cute but I'm biased! Thanks!


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