Friday, September 14, 2012

high five for friday!

Amen.  High Five for Friday.  

We are still in Colorado and we are technically still on vacation although it hasn't really seemed like it.  I accidentally broke the power window in my mom's Mercedes.  And let's just say she might love that car more than she loves her youngest...that would be me.  In addition to breaking the window, I happened to break it on a day when it poured buckets and in a town where the nearest Mercedes dealership is 300 miles away.  Awesome.  Talk about bad luck huh?

So I'm happy it's Friday and I'm hoping nothing else goes wrong...

But here's what did go right this week!

1) I am so head over heels in love with this quirky little vase I picked up in Pagosa Springs.  You just don't find something like that every day.  I am bummed that I didn't pick up the mister that went with her, but that might be overkill.

2) These guys are just my favorite.  I absolutely adore this photo.  I'm one lucky girl.

3) A cool old train car in Pagosa.  I love every detail of this photo--the color of the wood, the blue sky, the Colorado-ness of it all.

4) If you ever see me out in public and I am wearing the brightest clothes ever, it generally means things are not going my way and I'm in a bad mood.  The surest way to brighten it is with neon clothes.

5) It's a bird.  It's a plane.  No it's superman on a swing!  I love that T is now at the age where he can wear things like this.  Yes, I will be dressing him in super hero clothes from now until he tells me no.  I mean really, can you be mad at a kid who is wearing a cape?  The answer is no.

I am looking forward to this weekend!  I hope you guys have a wonderful few days off.  And let's just keep our fingers crossed that I don't break anything else...k?

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  1. Cute photos, nice blog

  2. Love the pic of your little man with his Superman cape – adorable!

    Sea and Swank

  3. It's not funny, but I couldn't help but laugh at the broken window. Your mom does love that car (I don't know if she's even let Will drive it yet!)

    1. That's crazy. Although I'm in no hurry to drive that thing again...

  4. Love that superman cape. And so sorry about your mom's window!

  5. I agree, fun clothes can turn a mood right around. The old train car is so neat, what a cool photo! New follower :)


  6. LOVE the cape! Cute! Thanks for stopping by earlier...thought I'd return the favour. I'll be back! :)

  7. Your little one is so sweet--love that cape!

    The Glossy Life

  8. Happy weekend to you too and you have adorable kids! :)

  9. I used to make capes out of my mom's dishtowels.
    i was captain God Bless This Kitchen!

  10. Your little man is SO cute!! The cape is precious! And that sucks about your mom's window, I hope it gets fixed soon! Have a good weekend!!

    1. Thanks Brielle! Me too! Hope you have a good weekend too!

  11. What a handsome boy! He will always know he has the coolest mom I mean you let him wear a real cape! What a cute idea!!!!

  12. Oh dear, I'm so sorry about the car, that is definitely really bad luck. I hope you all manage to have fun anyways! These photos are so cute.

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