Thursday, September 13, 2012

currently craving: cozy knits!

Okay don't think I'm crazy for craving some cozy knits.  It's not like I'm wishing fall away and wanting to escape into the bleak, cold of winter.  It's just that today is cold and rainy.  My feet have been freezing all day and all I want to do is escape under the covers with a hot chocolate and a warm fire.  That's not happening but still a girl can dream.

My wardrobe would like to give a home to every single one of these sweaters.  Think of pairing them with patterned button down shirts, knee high boots, and funky little knit hats.

1) Stripeblocked Sweater, Anthropologie, $98- Such a pretty sweater.  I love how it is instant style.
2) Never Too Many Cardigan, Modcloth, $74.99- I adore this beauty.  It looks straight out of an Anthropologie catalogue but without the hefty price tag.  Bows and a lace collar...done and done.
3) Altitude Adjustment Sweater, Modcloth, $62.99- If I hadn't just bought a crap load of stuff in Colorado, I would be purchasing this little pretty.  It just sings.  The pattern, the cut, the color...just perfect for bringing in fall and winter.
4) Bow Sweater, Madewell, $88- Love the funky little orange bows on this number.  Such a cute, universal piece.
5) Animal Print Sweater, Gap, $49.95- I have this sweater and it is amazing.  I love the pattern but what I love most is the feel of the sweater.  It's very cozy.  I haven't had it very long and I've already worn it 3 times!  And you can't beat the price!
6) Staring at Stars Array Cardigan, Urban Outfitters, $69- I have been drooling over this sweater since maybe mid-summer.  I absolutely adore it.  Everything about it is cool.  It is on my must-have list.
7) Inside Out Fair Isle Sweater, J. Crew, $118- What's not to love?  I love the color, the pattern and the styling!

Which one is your favorite?  Do you want them all like me?  I'm linking up with Current Crush today.

Hot Chocolate
Winter unknown


  1. i can't wait to be able to bust out my comfy sweaters! i love them!

  2. Love that red-orange sweater – so perfect for fall – but I know that once the cold weather's here I'm gonna be wishing for summer :)

    Sea and Swank

  3. My favorite is sweater #1 from Anthro. LOVE it. I also love #2 & 7. The mornings are starting to get crisp. I love fall!

  4. Oh #1. Instant style for sure. Love it!

  5. The UO knit looks great! I want one too....but its way out of my budget for a cardigan!

    <a href="></a>

  6. So ready for fall attire! Curl up in a sweater or cardi :)

  7. This makes me want to sit by a fire and drink hot chocolate! :) I want that Aztec red one!!! Super cute!!

  8. Im kinda excited that fall is just around the corner and the Urban Outfitters cardigan would be the perfect fit!!! love it

    Kendra @

  9. l love cozy knits! can't wait for it to get cooler here in texas to start wearing them!!! thanks for linking up! can't wait to see what you are loving this week :) newest follower!!!

  10. Wow, these cozy knits look amazing! It's cold up here and I'm ready to break out my sweaters! Thanks for stopping by!


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