Thursday, February 21, 2013

want it, wear it

{Forever 21 Top | Zara Top  (more expensive option on the right) | Shoes | Skirt}

J. Crew always puts together a list of tips when they compile their "Looks We Love'" section. These tips are a great guide for the season to come. And let's face it, what they put together is always so perfectly on point. 

But sometimes, we can't afford to buy every single piece from a look. For instance, if I were to invest in J. Crew's look on the left I would probably spring for the top but not the skirt or shoes. It's a more versatile piece and would get a lot of wear in my wardrobe, which helps me justify the price. If the other prices are too steep for our budgets, there's some really great options out there that replicate this look. I put together the same look with two different tops from two different price points. You can get the look on the right for as little as $167.25 or $229.35, a win either way in my book.

What do you guys think? Do you like this new series?


  1. Jcrew has their new bow shoes out and I want them but just can't bring myself to spend that much :( I love their looks we love though!

    1. I have been trying to find a more affordable option but I'm having a hard time!

  2. I have to say, I think I like the tops in wear it more!


  3. I actually like your outfit better than the JCrew outfit and those shoes are really cute. This is a good series.

  4. Love the wear it... because it's better on the wallet. Love the JCrew inspirations, but I always buy my JCrew items on sale. I actually buy 99% of what I have on sale!

  5. ahh i want all of these!!
    following :)

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  6. Such a great post. I'm always looking for great j. Crew like pieces or ways to create a similar look for less.

    Pigtails and Pearls

  7. Hi Lindsay! This is such a great idea! I love J.Crew, but I have a hard time justifying their prices too (unless something is on sale....then I'm sold:). I try to go for the J.Crew look on a budget! Just found your blog and I must say you have a fabulous sense of style! I'm your newest follower! Would love it if you could check out my blog too:)!


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