Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blue Ridge, Georgia with My Friends!

If it seems I've been a bit off this week, it's because I'm kind of on auto-pilot.  Last weekend I had a whirlwind trip to Blue Ridge, Georgia, with four friends from high school.  It was my first trip away from my son and it was harder than I ever imagined it would be.  But I had tons of fun even though I only got about 10 hours of sleep in three nights!  Crazy?!?  I'm too old for this!

Here are some Instas from my trip.

1. My first airplane trip sans a baby.  You better believe I took advantage of it!  A chai tea latte and People.
2. One of my favorite things about the south is Chic-fil-A.  It's amazing.  I also had a huge cup of sweet tea.  Delicious!
3. The view from our cabin--the gorgeous Blue Ridge mountains!
4. We got dressed up and went to dinner one night.  Purple jeans and leopard sandals make the perfect outfit!

5. Silliness with a large sculpture moose.  But there are no moose in Blue Ridge.  Go figure!
6. Getting ready to go zip lining.  This was my first time!  I'm not gonna lie, I was a little nervous. 
Also, I wasn't very good.  My nickname was "premature evacuation" because I always slammed on the brake way too soon and had to be hauled in.
7. On the way  to go zip lining.

8. A walk through the woods.  Beautiful!
9. Lunch...I promise that's not how I usually eat!
10.  And back to my boys...such a sweet feeling.


  1. Love it!!!

    Except... why do I look like my head is not attached to my body in that picture?

  2. Your brother just commented how jealous he is that you got Chick-fil-a - he said it looks so good he just wants to eat the picture! Being away from the babies is hard - try traveling once a month for work - off to Vegas next week.

    1. I can honestly say that I cannot imagine doing that! Vegas sounds like a fun destination though!


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