Thursday, August 9, 2012

currently crushing: girly-girl dresses

{Dress: Anthro | Necklace: Anthro | Flats: J. Crew}

I had a horrible, awful, no good Wednesday.  Everything that could go wrong did.  My phone is broken, which is never fun.  And I'm hobbling around from my 12 mile run.  I'll spare you all the stinky details but let's just say I'm a little down today.  

What is making me a little happier is that cute little number above (and no I'm not referring to myself but thanks for thinking that).  I love this dress.  It's so feminine and pretty and when I wear it I feel like I'm a little girl all over again.  Not in a weird, creepy way but more that I can wear a whirly, twirly dress and spin for hours kind of way.

So needless to say I'm seriously crushing on these girly-girl dress.

I'm linking up with Framed Frosting where one of my favorite bloggers is hosting today!


  1. Love it! And that Louis bag too!!!!

    I'm sorry your Wednesday was yucky! May today ROCK!

  2. How cute are you!! Today has to be better, because this post is adorable. :) I love a girl twirly dress. My name is Torie and I approve of this crush ;)

  3. I'm for sure crushing on girly girl dresses too!! Adorbs!! Great style!

  4. I love your style! And for that I just nominated you for the Liebster Award

    I hope you'll join in the fun!

  5. love this dress! Too fun! New follower! Misty @

  6. I adore you. I love the dress, the flats, the bag... and duh that divine necklace that you need to take a closer picture of! We need to swap jewelry. Oh my word we'd be in heaven, no?

    1. I took a closer pic but it just didn't come out like I wanted it to! swap! I swear you come up with the most fabulous ideas!

  7. I love a girly dress and this one is so, so cute!

  8. Such a pretty look, and super flattering on you! Looks fantastic!
    xo K


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