Wednesday, October 24, 2012

two-sided sweater.

{Top: Loft | Vest: Similar | Jeans: Similar | Shoes: Similar}

Happy Wednesday everyone! How is your week going? Mine has been super busy (this seems to be the theme this week). It seems like I can't get any of the little things done like going through the mail, doing the dishes or putting laundry away because I am running around doing a million big things (like trying to get my oven fixed STILL). Am I even making sense?!? One day I would just like to do nothing. Maybe in five years when my kid is in school? Don't burst my bubble here.

Anyway on to the good this sweater. Can I just say, I love it. I mean paisley on one side and stripes on the other, does it really get any better than that? People, it's all about the little joys in life like a two-sided sweater. And finding your long lost wide leg jeans. That's the stuff dreams are made of.

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  1. So i literally head to Loft in one hour and 20 min to use my 50% off Loft insider coupon. Could my reading this post right now be a sign!? I think so!


  2. i love the sweater & the vest!

  3. Love your jeans. Great sweater too.


  4. Hey Girl!!
    Just wanted to stop by and thank you for linking up Monday to The GFC Collective with Bre, Autumn and Myself!! We greatly appreciate it!!
    Mustache Mama

  5. Uh, yes, that sweater is AMAZING!! Two of my favorite patterns all in one!!! And the colors are gorgeous!!!

  6. That IS a great sweater! Such a cool aesthetic being double sided. And I love your little arm party too!!! ~Sarah

  7. I love this sweater. It screams fun!! Followed you from the blog hop. Hoping u will follow back :) thank you so much.


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