Monday, November 12, 2012

weekend update: houseguests and a date!

Happy Monday! If there was ever a random collection of photos, this is it! I don't know if that says something about our weekend or about the moments I chose to photograph. But we had a very, very busy, wonderful weekend! 

My in-laws were town, we saw some family from the 'burbs, my husband went to an impromptu Bears game, and he and I were lucky enough to dine at the best restaurant in Chicago. More to come on that later.

1) We had a summer bucket list on our kitchen chalkboard. We thought it only fitting that we update it for winter. Kind of makes me excited for some snow!

2) T was so silly. He kept doing these headstands/downward dog/somersaults on the sidewalk. I couldn't stop laughing.

3) I can't believe the holiday lights are already up in our neighborhood! So excited!

4) My husband finally got his 30th birthday present from me. I took him to Alinea. And wow was it probably the best meal of our lives. At first I kinda felt like we didn't it was too fancy for us. But then as we got to know the waiters and began our 14-course meal, we felt right at home. We entered through a door where there was hay and pumpkins and macintosh cider. As we walked to the end, doors slid open and there were five servers waiting to greet us. Your first look is at this immaculate machine of a kitchen. We had arctic char on a cedar plank with a bourbon fire underneath; a squash shooter cooled in a large cube of ice; pork, mushrooms and huckleberries on a bed of pine needles;  and a green apple helium infused balloon (everything edible from the balloon to the string!) Just amazing.

5) This was the dessert portion. The head chef came to our table and painted on our tablecloth with chocolate and fruit compotes. Then he took a pitcher of liquid nitrogen, poured it into a dark chocolate egg and then artfully smashed it on the table. It was like nothing I've ever experienced before.

6) On top was a carrot gelato with coconut and sesame seeds. On bottom was a citrus and herb infused tea. Ya'll I didn't know tea could taste so good. From start to finish, this meal was incredible. It employed every sense. Best decision ever. (Just as a side note, we do not dine at restaurants like this on a regular basis. This was a gift for a monumental birthday.)

7) On Sunday I stopped by my favorite furniture store. I am so in love with these side tables. They are amazing and would look perfect on either side of my couch. Too bad hubby is not in love with them!

How was your weekend friends? I hope it was lovely.



  1. I love those side tables too. And they look super functional too.


  2. 14 course meal?! WOW!
    Sounds like a great weekend! :)

    Love your blog!

  3. What furniture store did you go to? We'll have to go together. I've been wanting to go to Alinea, but my husband is super picky with food and I'm nervous he'll hate it.

  4. Nice pics!


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