Monday, March 25, 2013

l & l's loves!

It's time for another wish list! This one was a little tough to put together because the midwest is still clinging on to winter (it snowed a little today). So all my dreams of open-toed shoes and outfits without jackets have been put on hold. Nonetheless I am still working on rounding out my warm weather wardrobe for when spring actually decides to show up.

1) Neon cardigan, $44.95- I just bought this cardi. I thought I might return it because it is really a bright neon, but then I decided I need a few more bolder colors in my wardrobe especially since maternity clothes can be anything but that. I actually see it being pretty versatile especially as the weather warms.

2) Denim vest, $59.94- I have been dying to get a denim vest. I know it would be like my chambray shirt and utility jacket...a piece that gets worn over and over again. I love the faded look of this one.

3) Floral striped tee, $49.50- I am hoping that this tee is large enough to accomodate my growing least for a few more weeks. Have I mentioned that I am tired of maternity clothes yet? So I am keeping my eye on boyfriend fits that might work for a little longer. This tee is doubly trendy with both florals and stripes!

4) Boardwalk sandal, $59.50- I can't help myself. I am already eyeing sandals. I just can't wait any longer! I love this mint/black combo. I feel like I could wear them with EVERYTHING.

5) Diamond sneakers, $62- I am kind of in a sneakers mode. I wear them all the time. And I love that these have a little pizzazz but they would still work with so much.

6) Black sandals, $49.95- I have been looking at these beauties for several months now. I finally bit the bullet and got them. Can the warm weather just hurry up and come so I can break these babies out?

7) Watch, $115- I actually got this watch for my mom for her birthday. And now I want one for myself.

8) Crystal necklace, $24- I am such a sucker for long necklaces that go with everything. And I adore this one.

9) Maternity jeans, $69.95- I love the color of these pants and have debated for weeks about getting them. Now I can't wait to wear them!

10) Maxi dress, $52.46- I am in the market for lots of maxi dresses this year. Something I can wear now and later. This one seems perfect!

11) Navy crystal necklace, $34.50- So pretty!

What are you guys crushing on this week?


  1. Loving the combo of cobalt and vibrant neons! If you haven't taken the sweater back already, I think it would look divine on you paired with a raspberry pink. Thanks for getting my creative color wheels turning!!! ~Sarah

  2. I love my new watch and would recommend it...I love that the big numbers on the clock face are stylish and not just a sign that I can't read small numbers anymore :)


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