Wednesday, May 1, 2013

fresh as a flower.

{Dress: Gap | Belt: Target | Bag: Target | Shoes: Target}

When I packed for Puerto Rico, I made sure I had plenty of accessories. You name it, I had it. And every evening I would layer them on. Let's try this bold necklace or this flashy bangle. And every single time, it just felt like too much. 

I don't know if it's something about the laid back culture of the Caribbean or the feel of warm weather or just being pregnant, but I just didn't want the extras. I wanted simple, breezy outfits that didn't seem over thought or uncomfortable. 

I'm curious if this simple styling will carry on through this summer or if it was just what a beachy week in the Caribbean called for. I kind of hope it sticks to some extent because sometimes I need to remember that a bold floral print is all the wow you need. 

What about you? Do you love accessories? Or do you take a more simplistic approach to dressing? Or does your basic style formula change as the seasons change?


  1. Your so pretty! I love the flower pattern & your shoes!


  2. You are the MOST stylish pregnant lady in all the land!! I truly mean that! Just look at you!! I want that dress and that bag! I knew I should have gotten the bag at Target when I first spied it. Rats!

  3. I am awful about assesorizing, until my friends get onto me for it. But truth be told, if an outfit has to have jewelry to look good, then you don't need it in your closet! You look amazing!

  4. Love love love the red in your bag and your dress!
    And I definitely could kick up my accessories. I'm all about clothes and shoes. Everything else I add is really just a bonus!

  5. As always you are looking super adorable, my friend. When it's hot out I tend to simplify everything because I sweat like crazy.


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