Monday, April 30, 2012

Head to Toe: Floral!

I am such a sucker for florals.  I absolutely love them and for some reason they just never get old.  I feel like you could have ten different floral prints and each one could be totally different.  This shirt came from Target.  I love the bright blue hue and the print with pops of lavender and red.

{Blazer: Similar, Shirt: Target, Pants: Gap, Shoes: J. Crew}

I've been on a huge Target kick lately like I just can't seem to get enough of it.  And I am eagerly awaiting The Webster/Target collaboration that comes out on Sunday.  I think there a lot of beautiful pieces in the line and some really cute shoes.

Sorry for all the blazer posts recently but Chicago just can't seem to warm up.  And I refuse to put on a jacket.  I feel like that's taking a step backward...I need to be shedding layers, not adding them on!

I love little details like this.  There's just something about the color of the shirt against the striped cuff and the gold buttons that makes my heart melt.  If I have a piece of clothing that has a fun liner, I do whatever I can to make sure that liner shows.  It's a small detail that adds just a touch of interest to an outfit.

Other inspiration on how to wear florals.


  1. Love that shirt. I'm very into Target as well!


  2. Cute look! Loving your blazer and flats! The Webster collection looks super cute!


  3. love that blazer!

    xo Nav

  4. love all of this!

  5. totally agree...florals are wonderful prints. I'm so glad to see them readily more available to shop for!! =) cute style

  6. I'm a few hours north of you (in Madison) and blazers have been a godsend in these random temperatures. Can't get enough of them :)


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