Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Loving: The New Mrs. Draper!

Okay I love Mad Men.  I'm addicted.  I look forward to it every Sunday.  And to top things off, I LOVE the new Mrs. Draper.  Betty just didn't do it for me like Megan.  Her style is amazing from head to toe.  I love her lipstick, accessories, her outfits, everything!

{This coral dress with the matching chevron jacket is to die for!}

{Okay I loved the Zou Bisou Bisou performance!  And this dress is AMAZING and her make-up just works.}

{The lip color and those just makes her eyes pop.}

{The print on this dress is perfection!}

{I love this dress and the earrings and hair just make it.}

Just get me a time machine to the 1960s so I can dress like this!  I want to be this bold with my style!

Who's do you prefer Betty or Megan?


  1. We're just getting caught up with Season 5 - but I have to disagree on the fashion. I'm a Betty Draper all the way! Season 2 is my favorite fashion season. So far the only thing the mid-60's did for me in fashion is reaffirm eyeliner and introduce the shift dress!

  2. Oh boy! I love her too... I do love Betty's style, but for different reasons. But I feel like if I were living in the 60's we would all want to be her (Betty may seem to stuffy for us!)... plus, is she living the life or what? A cool job, Don and that amazing apartment? Lucky lady!

  3. I love her too...she seems sweeter than Betty!

  4. I'm loving how they are styling her. it's so much fun!!

    hope you had a great weekend! {I have a giveaway going on right now & would love for you to enter.}


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