Monday, July 16, 2012

weekend update: back to the usual

Good morning was your weekend? I hope it was wonderful and full of summery things.  We are settling back into the groove after being on vacation.  I love going away, but I miss our intimate family time and I think we got a decent amount of it this weekend.  

So I don't know if my style is getting better or people are noticing me more or maybe everyone is just being kinder, but I've gotten a lot of compliments out on the street.  It's so refreshing!  

But it seems like people are shocked that I'm a mom.  I want to get on my soapbox and be like, hey I can have style and be a mom too!  Anyway this outfit seemed to be a hit so I thought I would share it with you guys.  It was comfortable and cute...a win/win in my book!

I got some new goodies in the mail this weekend and these beauties make me so happy.  I've been on a big shoe kick lately.  I feel like I needed some pretty new flats and these fit the bill.  And they were on sale!

This is such a silly picture but it really captures our mornings.  My favorite thing is getting T up and bringing him into bed with us.  We all laze around in our jammies with our bed heads and play.  It's my perfect world.

On Sunday morning some crazy part of me was motivated to get up at 6:30 and go swimming in the lake.  I've never done open water swimming and it totally freaked me out.  You can't see where you are going and if there are swells you get a little sea-sick.  That aside though, I love waking up and seeing my city half deserted.  It's like it's mine and I don't have to share it with anyone.  And what better way is there to wake up in the morning than with a refreshing, brisk swim!

And of course we went to the beach.  It's one of the greatest perks to living in the city and right next to the lake.  It may not be the ocean folks but it's pretty darn close.  

And let's be honest Talinn loves it!

Today I'm linking up with Sami's Shenanigans for the weekend update blog hop!  Oh and in case you want to see any or all of my photos you can follow me on Instagram.  My username is lipsticknlollies.  I love checking out everyone else's photos too!


  1. I love that outfit! I can see why you're getting so many compliments!!! Cuuute shoes too :)

  2. I also love that outfit, Linds! It's so you! And T looks absolutely adorable, as usual! You have an amazing (and quite beautiful) family. :-)

  3. I love the outfit, the shoes and neon pink nail polish! what a wonderful weekend indeed.

  4. I think lying in bed with pjs all day is a perfect weekend day! And I love your new shoes, I'm a big fan of flats too, and I always see so beautiful flats at jcrew, but I hesitate to order, as I don't know what the taxes will be for at the customs...
    Well, thanks for your comment! You asked me how I found my niche, well, that's a longer story and nobody asked me that before, but I'll try to answer it: Well, at first my blog was mainly about what to wear to concerts, but only with collages, I never managed to take photos of my concert/opera outfits, because it was winter and neither my boyfriend nor I did now how to get a good outfit photo (it was getting dark soon etc.), and then in march and april, I started to post more outfits, my daily work outfits and concert outfits. But then I thought about my aim and my goals in life: I want to work in the cultural business, for an orchestra or in the classical music business, and what would I answer if somebody at my work or at a job interview would ask me about my blog? And I felt a little bit ashamed of this blog with my daily outfits. I talked with some friends and my boyfriend about this, and they all said it would be a pity to stop blogging (they said I would already dress much better in two months, and I also noticed myself, that I was way more creative with my closet than before) only because I wasn't sure if I can be proud of what I'm doing on the blog in some years. And that was the point when I decided to post only outfits for cultural and scientific events - and also if I sometimes would love to share a "daytime" outfit, I don't do that. Sometimes i take a photo of it and post it on instagram, but it will never appear here. That's mainly how i found my niche, and I think it's really a niche, at least I haven't found any blog yet that does the same...
    I hope I could explain it - and sorry if I made some english mistakes, I hope you'll understand my point!

    xxx Anita

    1. Thanks for sharing all that Anita! I really appreciate your thoughtful response.

  5. Hey, I was thinking like you today and wearing a cargo vest too on the blog! I love how you mixed yours with dots and florals, I might just have to try this lovely mix!

    1. Great minds think alike! I love your look!

  6. I get the same thing...."You're a mom of two?" "No way!" I guess it's sort of a compliment, but moms can look good too! Cheers to that! And that sunrise picture is amazing! How fun living so close to the water! Have a great rest of the week!!

  7. Those shoes are darling and I need a vest like that in a major way! You're weekend looked great, hope the rest of your week is the same!

  8. I just want to said that yours shoes looks pretty good and when I have a chance to beach I will paly the same things like what you do!


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