Monday, November 5, 2012

weekend update: a little r & r

Happy Monday lovelies. We had a pretty low key weekend, which is exactly what we needed because this is our last free weekend before Thanksgiving. I can't believe I'm actually saying that. I already feel like the holidays are just gonna fly by.

It's funny because I feel like through these weekly updates you can see how the seasons are changing. I definitely feel like we are saying goodbye to fall and welcoming in winter. The colorful leaves have fled. The grey days have settled in. And the (faux) fur blankets and winter hats are on full display.

1) A grey, cloudy day in Chicago.

2) My my most important wardrobe workhorse right cargo jacket. Even my wardrobe is reflecting the seasonal change with cozy warm layers.

3) I decided to take a little (well a lot) of me time this weekend. I cozied up in bed with my kindle and my fur blanket.

4) My cargo jacket (again) and a little pop of neon pink to brighten my day.

5) T and I go to an art class each week. It gives me new and creative ideas for what we can do at home. And honestly it's one of my favorite hours of the week. Sometimes at home I have a tendency to straighten up, to vacuum, to run a load of laundry, to do the dishes....when we have a class those mindless chores go out the window and it's just me and T.

6) A little Saturday night coloring. I know what a wild Saturday night, right?!? But my husband was on a run, so I decided to put on some kid music, break out the coloring books and throw caution to the wind. We had so much fun. I want my child to remember these moments--the ones when mom didn't care about anything but having fun.

7) This is such a city kid thing--the wonder of public transportation. Every time T sees a bus he points and says bus. When he's on it, it's like the eighth wonder of the world.

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend too!



  1. T looks like he is ready to go chop wood on the farm...not ride a bus around Chicago! :)

  2. Adorable photos! Really love your striped sweater and pink collared shirt! :)

    1. Thanks Rachel! It was a last minute combo and I loved it!

  3. It's getting really grey here too. Every day. I'm not ready for it yet! Fall was not long enough!

  4. I love to color with my kiddos!! It's relaxing! :) And I cozied up with my Kindle too...finally got to the juicy parts of Gone Girl! Have a great week!

  5. Spending the day wrapped in a blanket & reading my Kindle is one of my favorite things to do. There is seriously nothing more relaxing than that, in my opinion :)

  6. Looks like we both had a low key weekend, friend! T is so cute, I love the picture of him on the bus!

  7. You had a pretty good weekend. I like the kindle pic... I love to read! I went shopping, went to dinner with my boyfriend and the rest of the time I just stayed home doing some college work. I can't wait for next weekend to have the time to make some bracelets! Thanks for stopping by my blog Lindsay! I'm you newest follower :)

  8. i kinda can't handle how cute T is. for real. love him!


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