Friday, January 18, 2013

fossil: sherbert rainbow!

I am absolutely loving what Fossil is serving up right now. I love the pieces, the prints and the pops of color. I would gladly take one of everything on here. Those gorgeous sunnies, the dip-dyed tote and those sunny yellow flats could make their way into my closet anytime they would like.

Blues: Watch, dress, scarf, bracelet
Corals: Necklace, sunglasses, striped shirt, purse, patterned shirt
Yellows: Pants, watch, flats, tote

How about you? Are you digging Fossil's spring style?



  1. LOVE all the color! I'm really craving spring!

    xo Ashley

  2. Love these colors! They make me crave spring (and at least make me happy in the meantime)!

  3. So colorful... bring on spring already!

  4. I love these colors...and now I'm totally ready for spring! I'm always a fan of anything in the melon-colored family... but the neon is a nice touch too!

  5. I saw someone post about Fossil on IG. Thanks to the BOTH of you because I always seem to forget about them....loving these colors and styles too!

  6. Thanks a lot for comment. I like the chain on your post :)
    Visit my blog again at anytime. it would made my day if you join my site.

  7. digging the yellow tote!! Mildly depressed about being my most pregnant in the spring, when it's hard to find cute flirty maternity wear in fun colors like these...!!!


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