Thursday, April 11, 2013

lust vs. love: spring and summer style!

{Lust | Love}

I have been eyeing the Bensimon shoes for as long as they have been on the Madewell site. I think they are the perfect casual shoe but I have never actually gotten a pair. While they are not expensive at all, you have to consider you could get three pairs of the Old Navy version as opposed to one version from  Madewell. I'm definitely crushing on the ON navy pair and the reviews are amazing!

{Lust | Love}

I can't believe how much these too look alike! Why spend $148 when you can spend $54.95? The Gap version definitely doesn't have the sheen or lustre of the J. Crew version but the pattern is so similar. Seriously go check out these Gap pants! I am in love with the green version!

I love, love, love J. Crew shorts. I have quite a few pairs and am usually drawn to them for their vibrant colors that you can't really find anywhere else. But this year Old Navy has a lot of the same colors and patterns for a fraction of the price. Shop at J. Crew for the ones you can't find elsewhere, but when you can find a cheaper version go for them!

What are you loving or lusting after here?


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post. These are great alternatives! I actually think I like the Old Navy version of the shoes better than the Madewell!

    Fizz and Frosting

  2. Love the pink pants!! I would love to get a pair this summer... if I can squeeze my preggo body into them:)

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  4. I have those Old Navy sneakers and love them!


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