Friday, April 12, 2013

best non-maternity purchase: silky shorts two ways!

{Outfit 1: Top | Blazer | Shorts | Sandals | Outfit 2: Hat | Shirt | Shorts | Sandals}

I've been making a lot of investments in my summer maternity wardrobe especially since we have a warm-weather trip on the horizon. I really hate investing in maternity pieces now that I only have three months where I can wear them, so I'm in the market for some smart non-maternity investments that I can wear now and later. 

These silk shorts are divine! They are not maternity, they have a drawstring waist, they are flowy and they fit in all the right places. And you know what...I'm super excited to wear them when I'm not pregnant! I totally would have bypassed these guys if I wasn't shopping for comfort and an expandable waist band right now. Here I styled them two ways, one dressy and one casual. I seriously cannot wait to break these guys out next week!


  1. can not tell you how happy i am i came across your site! i am all about the non-maternity clothes while pregnant. i just had to spend money on a pair of maternity shorts for the summer and hated every minute buying them...when i'll only be in them for a few more months. i have been doing make-shift wardrobe fixes to pants-like looping 2 hair ties that are tied together thru the loop and hook it on the button! my husband thinks im crazy but it works!!

  2. Nice! They look cute and sound comfortable, and I love how you styled them up and down!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I've tried to go with the same philosophy of buying pieces I'll be able to still wear post-baby. And these shorts are giving me fabulous inspiration! Have a wonderful time on your trip, I hope you return feeling pampered and relaxed!!! ~Sarah


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