Monday, April 15, 2013

polka dots and mint.

{Jacket: Similar | Belt: Target | Sweater: Similar | Tunic: Old Navy | Pants: Similar | Shoes: Madewell}

Oh man getting dressed these days is well...not easy. The weather just refuses to warm up, so I am forced to remix the the few, very few pieces that are still appropriate for colder weather. This means lots of open layers.

It's a little too late in the game to go purchase sweaters that I can only wear for (what will hopefully only be) a few more weeks. And the sweaters I do have are not maternity so they fit very awkwardly (that's a nice way of putting it). So all this to say, my creativity is really being put to the test. Most days I am cold because I can't button any of my layers and I refuse to put on my winter coat in the middle of April (some evenings I cave because I just can't stand being cold anymore).

Please tell me it is warmer where you guys are! Somebody needs to be enjoying the sunshine!


  1. Ohh I know what you mean Lindsay-it's getting really hard to dress my baby bump as well:) I love how you layered these items!Very cute and comfy! But you know what?-I think I'll really miss my bump when the baby is born:) It is a really fun challenge to dress up now:)

  2. Well it's warmed up but the rain has come. This weather is out of control. You know what else is out of control? How cute you look!

  3. Adorable polka dots! At the end of my pregnancy, I wore the same few maxis constantly!


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