Thursday, May 16, 2013

then & now: pre-pregnancy and pregnancy

Admittedly it's pretty hard to re-use the clothes that you already have in your wardrobe from your pre-pregnancy days, but it's not impossible. I love that these outfits have totally different feels but use the same pieces, a chambray shirt and a plaid button-up. Not buttoning up is a great way to still wear your button-ups and layer in a new and different way.

And while I'm definitely ready to get back to my pre-pregnancy clothes, it is fun to challenge myself on how I can wear what I already have. Right now as the temperatures rise, I'm really working with my looser fitting dresses and skirts and adding in maternity pieces where needed.

How do you make your wardrobe work for you?


  1. Ooh, helpful things to remember as my belly starts to grow... it's tempting just to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, but I'm sure I can make some of these things work - plus I'm going to miss some of these regular clothes if I don't! :) Love that last layered look with the plaid shirt - the necklace is kind of unexpected but awesome with it.

  2. I think I'd be wearing the hell out of maxi dresses and skirts. The target long and lean tanks are really long and I'm planning on wearing those too. PS. I'm not pregnant. :)


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