Monday, June 10, 2013


{Jacket: J. Crew | Shirt: Similar | Jeans: Similar | Shoes: Similar}

This outfit makes me think of bubblegum, cotton candy or some other sugary treat that sounds all too delicious right now with all the bright pink that's happening. And if you follow me on Instagram, you already know that my shoes are what four-year-olds dream of. They just love these pretty pink slippers!

And I know my four-year-old self would be really proud if she could see me now. I have unnaturally large feet and there just wasn't much selection when I was growing up. My options were always brown and black or some other equally distasteful color. My mother would always push practicality over pretty. Bur really all a little girl wants is to ditch practicality and go for pretty time and again. Am I right?

The good news is my mom doesn't buy my shoes anymore so I can buy all the pretty I want and trust me I do!


  1. Ohh really!!!! I think I need to go through the photo albums and refresh your memory! LOL

    1. Ha ha ha! I'm sure you dressed her adorably! And I think we would all love to see some photos from the archives!

  2. I love that pink color! I want more items that color!


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