Wednesday, June 26, 2013


{Top: Similar | Necklace: J. Crew Factory | Shorts: Ann Taylor Loft | Purse: J. Crew | Shoes: Similar}

This may not be obvious to everyone (how it's not obvious I don't know), but being nice to pregnant women is just well, NICE. 

Talking about how big they are is not nice. Commenting on how tired they look is not nice. Pretty much any negative comment that you would NOT make to any other woman on the street is 100 percent off-limits with a preggo. Just because a women's pregnant doesn't mean you get to lose your filter. Not cool people. Not cool.

Want to know how to make a preggo's day? Compliment her! I literally almost keeled over from shock when a young, attractive man said hello to me and then told me how cute my shirt was. I mean it's not like men are looking at me these days (Not that I need them to. I am happily married and well, eight months pregnant). 

But the fact that a man could be so nice when other women are so not just floored me. It made my day, week and maybe even my month. So the moral of the story, be nice please. That eight-month pregnant lady that you pass on the street who is chasing her toddler...well, it's me or some version of me. And trust me, I know how tired I feel. And I know how big I look. And I don't need anyone reminding me and neither does she. 


  1. if i look half as great as you do in your outfit pics when i'm pregnant, i'll be a happy camper :)


  2. that top is so cute!! and I agree - people can definitely say some things to easily avoid a pregnant woman but it doesn't take much to make me feel good! :) you look great!

  3. I was just eyeing that top online!!!! Love it on you!


  4. You look really cute in that outfit!

  5. You really do look adorable! I recently gave up my seat on the El to a visibly pregnany woman. She looked at me like I was crazy for a split second and then gladly accepted. When I got off, she looked at me and said "thank you again" and it made MY day:)

  6. SNAPS in a Z formation to that! I totally know how you feel. I'm 37 weeks pregnant and when someone says that I look like I'm about to explode I simply walk away before I either start crying or slap them across the face, lol.

    You look beautiful! And I love seeing other pregnant chica's looking fabulous and still rocking great style!

    xo, Joanne


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