Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thursday Latelies!

Hey's that time of the week again!  I had a wonderful, but very short visit with my parents.  And once they left, reality set back in.  It hasn't been the most fun week.  Talinn's been a bit of a handful, we are having our back door replaced and our kitchen sink is still leaking.  Blah.  Well, that's all the more reason to look to the good things that are happening, right?  And there were good things...lots of them.

Our bikes have opened a whole new world to us.  We live in Chicago but not in the epicenter of downtown.  And so we never, ever go down there. But now it's super easy to just hop on the bike trail.  This weekend we headed down to Millennium Park, where we took a family photo in The Bean.  Fun times.

I went to Zara last week and it was ah-Mazing.  I picked up all sorts of wonderful goodies including these mint jeans that I'm obsessed with.  I've had them um six days and I've worn them twice.  Yeah, clearly I'm digging them.

And I got this sweet, girly shirt from there.  The print is just perfection.

I've been trying to create little vignettes around our home.  For some of these areas, I've been buying new stuff and for some I've been using what we have.  This camera is my husband's grandma's camera.  And can you believe we had it hidden in a case?  What was I thinking?  Sometimes I think we need to look at our space (our lives or our wardrobe) with fresh eyes.  We just put something somewhere, get used to it and never think to change it.  So glad I decided to showcase this beauty!  

I bought a big box of sidewalk chalk and we finally broke it open this week.  So much fun (except when T puts the chalk in his mouth...yuck).  I love this photo of his little hands at work.

And let's just call this the photo of the week.  This shows you what a little rascal Talinn has been.

And last but not least my perfectly pretty peonies.  This is my favorite flower and I love that they are in season right now.  I love how they start out as a ball and then just pop open to this beautiful frilly bloom.

I hope you girls have a wonderful day and take a moment to look back at your own week and think about your what has brought you joy.  Sometimes it's easy to get bogged down in the drudgery but there's always, always good things that bring a smile to our faces.

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  1. Inspired by you, I tried on a pair of mint green skinny jeans at target last night. In the end, they didn't look as fabulous on me as they do you so I didn't buy them ... (might have something to do with Zara vs target quality/fit!)

    1. Some of Target's stuff fits weird. So you should keep trying! I'll be on the lookout too.

  2. Love that cargo green jacket. Very cute.

    The Fashionable ESQ


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