Monday, October 22, 2012

weekend update: busy but fun!

Happy Monday everyone! Guess what? This week is gonna be amazing because Halloween is right around the corner and that means we get to carve pumpkins, maybe eat Halloween cookies (if our oven works), sneak Halloween candy and T gets to dress up in his costume, which I'm super stoked about! I cannot wait!

We had a wonderful, very busy weekend. We did so much stuff!

1) Just a few dots on dots. My favorite outfit combo ever.

2) I finally took down my husband's ombre birthday banner. It was so pretty...I wanted to leave it up! Such an easy DIY.

3) There is this gorgeous tree right next door and I am so in love with it. The leaves are just gorgeous.

4) We had friends over for dinner on Friday. I love decorating the table and breaking out the fun stuff!

5) We went to the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore on Saturday. We hiked up Mt. Baldy (a dune mountain) and T loved it. He played in the sand the whole time. And then when we said time to go, he laid down in it. Silly kid.

6) I was not prepared for how beautiful the dunes would be. It was the perfect time to go.

7) The leaves were just gorgeous.

8) There's a bar (yes a bar) right down the street from our place that has a pumpkin carving contest. They display all the pumpkins outside. So cool.

9) On Sunday we biked down to Navy Pier. I absolutely love kid-friendly places like this.

10) The city skyline during our bike ride.

How was your weekend? Were you guys busy? Are you as excited for Halloween as I am???



  1. love the first outfit. the dot shoes are amazing!

  2. Love your polkadot loafers so cute & the leaves on the tree next door are gorgeous!!!!


  3. Completely obsessed with polka dots right now.

    Photo #2 on the left is amazing.

    SMD @

  4. Love those polka dot smoking slippers! Looks like a great weekend :)

  5. You always have the BEST weekend pictures! I lust over those polka dot loafers every time I see them on you! I tried to get them online a few weeks ago and they were sold out. :(

    1. Oh Shanna thank you! I'm so bummed that they were sold out when you checked! Next time I see a great pair of polka dot shoes, you will be the first to know!

  6. Looks like such a fun... but busy weekend!!

    xo Ashley

  7. Looks like such a great weekend! What bar are you talking about? I used to live off of Broadway in Lake View and there was a bar that did that.

    1. You know what? It took me like five minutes to think of the name. I actually had to look it up. Silly me. Avenue Tavern is the name. I didn't know you used to live off Broadway...that's literally right where we live. Hope you had a wonderful weekend at your bestie's wedding!

  8. Looks like an awesome weekend! I love the Navy Pier! New follower from the blog hop! Would love for you to visit me and follower my site as well!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following you back now! :) Can't wait to read more from you.

    What's in a Name?

  10. My week was SOOOO busy that during weekend I just stayed in.
    Great pictures!!


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