Wednesday, February 5, 2014

color me.

Sweater: J. Crew | Similar
Scarf: Target | Similar
Shirt: LOFT
Belt: Gap | Similar
Jeans: Gap
Bag: Rachel Zoe
Shoes: Madewell

I'm busy burning the midnight oil because my baby is in no mood to sleep. So instead of trying to unsuccessfully catch a few zzz's, I decided to blog. Sleepless baby means more productivity. That's an exhausted mom looking at the glass half full.

Every day I draw my blinds, the sky is gray and the ground is white. I am completely over this colorless, cold, brutal winter. And I'm starting to crave color so my days don't all look the same. It's funny. At the beginning of winter all I wanted was grays, whites, blacks and blues. 
Now those colors are taking a backseat (or being shoved to the back of my closet). Now is the time for color, pattern and punch.

What about you? Are you keeping the winter blues at bay with a good dose of color? Or are you still sticking with your neutrals?

*I'm still working on finding a groove with my blogging so please bear with me! I'm hoping to get back on a somewhat regular schedule as soon as possible, Thanks for continuing to read!


  1. Way to use your time wisely!! LOL! Hopefully you can get some all night rest soon! I am all about color right now too! Luckily our colder days have been much less than yours. Spring is around the corner!! Love your look today...always classic and on point!

  2. Love the outfit! And love how your patterned mixed! So cute!

    -Shannon @

  3. I love all the pieces you meshed together. I'm not brave enough to do that.

    Ruthie @
    Come on over xx

  4. the color of your sweater is gorgeous! also, i totally love your bag :)


  5. Adore the color/pattern mixing. Even though our temps are too bad (live in the South), I too crave anything bright and cheerful!


  6. I love your style, photos, and encouraging words.

  7. cute outfit! loving the prints and colors!


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