Friday, January 24, 2014

getting ready on the fly.

Scarf: Old Navy
Blazer: Gap | Similar
Shirt: Old Navy
Cords: J. Crew
Boots: J. Crew (on sale!)
Bag: Madewell

So my style has changed now that I have not one but two kids. There are a lot of things that are different. Silk? Keep it far, far away! High heels? With a toddler on the loose? Necklaces? More like choking hazards (for me not them)! 

My "get ready" time has drastically diminished now that there are two wiggly, opinionated, somewhat difficult beings that need to be cleaned, dressed and fed. Who knew that a two-year-old boy would have such strong feelings about clothes. Every day we have the same conversation: We cannot wear our basketball shirt to bed, accidentally pee on it and then wear it out in public the next day. And the clock just keeps on ticking through every fiasco and the next thing I know I have 10 minutes to pull myself together. I always feel like people should pat me on the back when they see that I have dressed myself and my two littles.They never do, so maybe I'm wrong on that account.

If I want to look like something other than a tired, frenetic mom of two and actually select an intentional outfit (rather than digging through the laundry pile) that means we cannot leave the house and the iPad plays a very, very important role. This is obviously me on one of those better days.

Here's hoping I have a few more of them!


  1. I love the scarf, it's a really nice pattern on it. Love to hear your thoughts on my latest style post.

  2. Looking darn good...especially given the kiddie challenges!

  3. I had my second over the summer, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggles to get myself and both kids ready in the mornings! You look amazing, and I love those boots!


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