Monday, September 10, 2012

weekend update: reunited!

Hello ladies.  I'm back with a weekend/more than weekend recap.  My husband and I had so much fun together last week.  It was so nice to be together and on our own schedule without a little one dictating it.  That said, boy did we miss our little guy.  And we could not wait to have him back!

1) This was my horse Red (fitting name huh?).  He was a little overzealous and kept pushing his nose into the horse in front of us.  And that guy kept farting on Red all...the...way...up...the...mountain.  I could not keep my giggles in!

2) This was the lake we rode up to.  Pretty but no fish were biting.

3) The gorgeous Aspen grove that we camped in.  It is the third largest organism (because all the Aspens in a grove are connected) in the world.  We couldn't have picked a better campsite.  It was just enchanting.  Something straight out of a fairy tale...only I was dirty and camping, not quite fairy-princess material.

4) What I wore out to dinner in Crested Butte.  I'm still going with my stylish, western look.  

5) We took a jeep tour up to a 13,000 foot peak.  It was a little freaky!  We were on this dirt road carved into the side of the mountain and when you looked down it was a sheer drop.  The driver told me no whimpering was allowed but I just couldn't help myself!  The view was just incredible though.

6) What I wore out to dinner in Telluride.  I love, love, love this knit jacket that I scored.  I absolutely adore the stores in Telluride.  They are this perfect mix of style and practicality.  

7) An old mining shack in the mountains.  This photo just epitomizes Colorado for me.

8) This guy!  You guys I was so happy to see T again.  We missed him so much.  This was the first time we were away from him for an extended period of time.

9) Gorgeous hot air balloons.  It's so cool to see them taking off.  One day I totally want to go up in one.

10) Some polka dots and my new necklace.  I love it!  The jewelry out here is the best.

Sorry for the overload of photos but it was hard to narrow it down to 10!  I hope you guys had a wonderful, refreshing weekend.  I'm looking forward to getting back in the blogging groove and reconnecting with you guys!  Did you guys do anything fun this weekend?  I'd love to hear about it!
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  1. Im in love with that knit jacket! The color, the shape, EVERYTHING--so cute!!

    go for the glam

  2. wow you look gorgeous and the pics are amazing! i've never been to Telluride - i've always wanted to go! thanks for linking up, friend <3

    1. Thanks Molly! You should totally go to Telluride. So, so fun! And such cool stores!

  3. those pictures are gorgeous! and love the polka dots!

  4. I love these pictures... so beautiful and makes me want to take a trip or go horseback riding! Love your outfit with green patterned blazer and tan belt, so chic!


  5. Never apologize for vacay picture overload!!! Especially ones like these! You got some great shots and you both deserved some time away. I hope to make it to Telluride one day...absolutely gorgeous!!

    1. Shanna, glad you like them! You should totally go one day! Such a fun, little place!

  6. Nice, so nice
    Beijos Vanessa

  7. Buddy, I missed you.. and we haven't even met yet. Is that weird? The pictures are awesome and how could anyone not miss T... he's adorable! Can't wait to catch up with you. So glad you had an amazing time!

    1. No not at all! I missed you when you were busy moving! We need to get on the same schedule. I can't wait to catch up. We are seriously getting together as soon as I get back to Chicago!

  8. Those photos are beautiful. Used to live in colorado, these pictures make me so remorse that we never made it to Telluride.


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