Thursday, February 28, 2013

sometimes simple is best.

{Top: Similar | Jeans: Amazon | Coat: Similar}

Is it Friday yet? I know it's not but I am just dragging this week. And fortunately or unfortunately for you guys, you get another outfit post. My brain was not functioning on a level where I could come up with a great inspiration or style board. And after staring dumbly at my computer for most of the day, I decided what the heck let's do another outfit. 

This outfit may not be the most innovative or the most stylish. But it's cute and comfy, which is perfect for this pregnant momma. I know there's nothing amazing about it but nonetheless I love it. I could honestly get out of bed and wear this every single day. That top is definitely my favorite non-preggo but works for a preggo lady top. You don't even want to know how many times I wear it...especially without washing it. Too much information, huh? 

Here's hoping Friday comes a day earlier...wishful thinking I know. 

But I do have a little treat to hopefully make your week better. eShakti is offering you guys a special discount now through March 10th. Just eneter LPSTCKNDLL in the promotional code box when you check out and you will receive 20 percent off your order. Enjoy friends!


  1. That oversized top looks so cute and comfy! I admit I've worn things more than one too before washing :)

    The Tiny Heart

    1. Love the maternity jeans! Making note of it for my next pregnancy!!! Great outfit.

  2. I actually like this cute and comfy outfit. The top looks so cool.

  3. I love these jeans. I need to get some cute ones next time I'm pregnant! I think that is the perfect cute/comfy look!

    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  4. Love your style! Just posted about my own maternity style the second time around...comfort is always my number one!!

  5. I know I have two new glasses, but you're making me want Warby Parker's! I love comfy... and this is comfy cute!

  6. Simple outfits are my favorite. I LUV that shirt!

  7. Yaaaaayyyy!!! So excited you're pregnant too, Lindsay! I have so many bloggy buddies who are expecting late summer/early fall. Hope you're feeling well, you're certainly looking great! ~Sarah

  8. I agree, sometimes simple is the best choice. Especially these cold days. Love this outfit though, you got the simple look just right!!!


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