Monday, February 25, 2013

the blazer

I was going to put together an L&L love list for today, but when I started looking through all the things on my wish list, I started to see a trend. There were like five blazers!

Because I'm pregnant, it doesn't make sense for me to invest in non-maternity clothes except for blazers. Blazers are a piece I can wear now and later. And since blazers are usually on the higher end, I rarely invest in them because I would rather have three new shirts instead of one new blazer. But since those shirts are not an option, now is a great time to build up my blazer collection. I would gladly welcome all of these beauties into my closet. They may not be the most exciting wardrobe pieces, but they can make outfits more exciting. Does that make sense?

1) Ponte Academy Blazer, $69.99- I have loved this new Gap blazer, but this color combo really takes the cake for me. It reminds me of a twist on a tuxedo jacket and I think it would be so versatile. I really do love it.

2) Boy Blazer, $115- How can I say no to this pretty pink? I've realized that I need a little more pink in my life. This one's a little steep on price, but J. Crew Factory is always having sales.

3) Striped Ponte Academy Blazer, $69.99- I just got this one and I'm super excited about it. I feel like stripes and blazers should meet each other more often!

4) Bleeker Blazer, $69- Need I say more about stripes?

5) Camo Jacket, $89- I have been wanting a camo jacket for forever. I absolutely love this one. And I think I would wear it ALL the time.

*Editing note: The one pictured above is sold out, but here is an option I love equally as much.

6) Classic Pocket Blazer, $69- I have been seeing mint blazers everywhere and since I love mint everything it just makes sense.

7) Shruken Tweed, $128- Okay this beauty is on the tippy top of my wish list. I love the idea of dressing it down with some boyfriend jeans and some white Chuck Taylors. Yes, you heard me right. I want this jacket so bad. March (when my budget resets) can't come soon enough!

Do you guys wear blazers as often as I do? I swear I wear them every single season (even in the sweltering heat!).


  1. I'm kind of obsessed with that pink blazer!!!

  2. Um, did you know that Target has an almost IDENTICAL camo jacket right now? I almost bought it, but it is starting to get warm here and may not get much wear out of it. It is SUPER cute!!!

  3. I'm a huge fan of blazers and if I didn't have to wear an ugly white coat to work, I'd probably wear one almost every day. I like every single one of your picks, especially the two striped ones :)


  4. I'll take 1-7. Please and thank you. :) I seriously have a thing for outfit is not complete without a blazer!


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