Wednesday, April 3, 2013

bright white.

{Jacket: Similar | Sweater: Gap | Shirt: Similar | Jeans: Gap | Flats: Similar}

This is the cardigan that I wasn't too sure about, but now I've decided I love it. I love the bright pop of neon against white pants. But white pants are dangerous...dangerous around these parts. 

Not only do I spill food on myself on a regular basis (the good news is that my belly is so large at this point that it usually catches most of the runaway food), but I also have a two-year-old.

We went to Starbucks for breakfast one morning and I was wearing these adorable new white pants when my son decided it would be fun to put his shoes on them. Now there are faint pint-sized dust marks on them. Of course, once I said no, it was the most fun game ever invented. So it just looks like a toddler ran all over the lower portion of my body. Fun. Very fun.


  1. I'm likin the neon sweater too!

  2. I agree, the neon cardigan is crazy cute!
    Thank you for visiting my blog. ;-)
    Your newest follower,

    1. I guess I should clarify, I'm your newest follower via Bloglovin'. I already followed you via GFC. Sorry for the confusion! ;-)

  3. Love the colors and overall layering effect. Great that you are keeping it stylish even while pregnant. Proof it can be done!



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