Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What I wear when you don't see me...

Sorry for being late with my post this morning!  We have had some major technical difficulties with our Internet, which is no fun at all!  Three calls to Comcast did nothing.  But miraculously it's on now!

On to today's post...in an effort to be authentic I decided to post some instagram photos of me on the days when we don't break out the fancy camera and take real photos.  I do make an effort every day to get dressed in real clothes and I've been documenting that through instagram.  Sometimes I go for comfort and just wear shorts and a tee because I just don't have the brain power to think of anything else!  Other days I try to think outside the box.  And I always, always put on lipstick.  It just adds that something extra for me.  So, here's what I wear when you don't see me.

{Park play date: jacket, button up, shorts and bangles}
{Running errands: vest, button up, belt, boyfriend jeans}
{Day at the beach and bike ride: tee, scarf, shorts and Sperrys}
{Weekend wear: sunglasses, tunic and shorts}
{Date night: open weave neon sweater, white jeans, necklace and clutch}
{Brunch with my parents: jacket, asymmetrical peplum top and colored jeans}
There you have it.  More outfits then you could possibly want!  And note to self, maybe I should smile when I take these.  I look too darn serious!


  1. I love the belted vest outfit!

  2. these are ALL so cute and darling! love that yellow striped sweater!


    wardrobe girls


    1. It's from J. Crew. They still have it!


  3. Love it! I've found myself relying on lip color more and more. It just makes me feel so much more pulled together!



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