Wednesday, March 20, 2013

mom style.

{Jacket: Similar | Scarf: Similar | Shirt: J. Crew Factory | Shoes: Converse}

This outfit is the epitome of my mom style. Comfort is key. After pining over white Chucks for a very, very long time, I finally got them. And I couldn't be happier. As a mom, I really feel like you need two pairs of go-to shoes (maybe more). One super comfy tennis-shoe pair and one nicer no-brainer pair. These chucks are clearly my comfy pair. My nude flats are my nicer no-brainer pair because they go with everything. I love the style that each affords. 

It's super important that we look and feel our best as moms but sometimes we don't always have the time we need to do so. This is a get-out-of-bed-no-shower-and-go type of outfit. It's so easy and it still looks cute. And if you know me by now, you know that no look is complete without a smear or two of red lipstick. It takes the look up a level every single time.

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  2. Love my white all least I think I do. I love them in theory but after a year have only worn them once or twice. That little bump is getting bigger. Hope you're feeling great!

  3. You're the cutest mommy there ever was! Love this look with the stripes and mint combo. My go-to staples right now.


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  5. Comfort is key even when you're not pregnant! Looking good lady!

  6. You are a poster child for being trendy with a baby in your belly! And you are glowing!! ;)


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