Wednesday, July 10, 2013

diaper bag dilemma!

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The diaper bag dilemma is really the most frustrating thing ever. You never really know what sort of bag you need until you are in the moment with a screaming child. The truth is, you need everything as easily accessible as possible. One solution that has been a huge life saver for me is to keep all my diaper changing necessities in one place. I use a large zippered pouch similar to these and everything fits in it including my changing pad.

With two children, I feel like I need to be even more organized than usual. I have twice as much to carry and I don't want to waste time looking for important things. These bags are the ones that I feel are the most "organizable." I also tend to stay away from loud colors and prints because at the end of the day those bags don't go with most of my outfits. So while these may not be the prettiest of the bunch, I am hoping that they are the most functional.

1) Tory Burch Stacked T Billy Baby Bag, $375- This bag is my front runner right now. It has a cross-body strap, which is key when I am carrying an infant carseat and holding my toddler's hand. I really love having outer pockets for things I need quick access to like my garage opener, keys, sunglasses and pacifiers. All in all, I think this one might be perfect for the organization I am craving when I am on the go. Obviously, the major downside is the price tag.

2) Kate Spade Saturday Small Weekender, $150- I actually have this bag and think it's a great option for a first-time mom. While it's not actually a baby bag, it works perfectly for just that. There are several pockets in the interior and two on the exterior. My favorite feature of this bag is the zip bottom. It's perfect for stowing an extra baby outfit for those times when one is needed. It's out of the way but still on-hand. My only complaint for my needs is that I'm not sure it can accomodate everything I need for two kids. The other perk to this bag is that it comes in tons of fun colors.

3) Kate Spade Flatiron Sophia Grace Baby Bag, $298- This bag is actually a baby bag, but it doesn't have a ton of pockets, which are key in organizing. So if you get a large tote without a lot of pockets (or use a purse you already own), this Amazon organizer is the perfect addition. It allows you to still use purses you already own and it's super easy to switch bags. You just transfer the insert to whichever one you want. I have a friend that just swears buy it.

You may not realize it but deciding on a diaper bag in my opinion is a crucial decision. It makes outings easier and more enjoyable when you don't have to dig to the bottom of your bag just to find that one little thing you need. 

Do you guys have any favorite diaper bags? If so, do tell! I haven't bit the bullet on the TB bag yet...

I hope this was helpful for moms and soon-to-be moms!


  1. I totally understand the diaper bag dilemma! Only, for me, I am making my own again this time around. It took me forever to choose a fabric! And then decide on a style! So, I decided I definitely needed an adjustable strap so I can wear it cross body, because like you I will be holding a car seat and a toddler hand! Then I wanted a zipper top for easy access. And of course lots of pockets inside and out! It is almost finished now but now I can't decide on accessories I want to make! So good luck with your search!

  2. Love this, I'm trying to figure out what bag to get and am totally lost!



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