Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Just call me fancy...

{Shirt: J. Crew, Shorts: Similar, Shoes: Similar, Necklace: Target, Purse: Louis Vuitton}

This is my Memorial Day outfit.  We had big plans to go to a festival but then silly us realized that the festival was only Saturday and Sunday, not Monday.  Clearly three day weekends throw us for a loop.  So I got all dressed up and we went to Five Guys and wait for it...the playground, where a little girl totally singled me out.  She looked me up and down and turned to her mom and said: "She's fancy."  Umm...yeah...a little fancy for the playground.  Then she proceeded to point out my lipstick, necklace, shoes and sunglasses.  At least she has good taste right?

As you can tell from the photos above, I'm playing around with my photos.  I think they look a lot better!  Are they too big though?  Let me know what you think.  I think I'm slowly but surely figuring out this whole blogging thing.  One day I'll get there....one day.  Hope you lovely ladies had a wonderful weekend too!


  1. I'm guessing that little girl is well versed in the "Fancy Nancy" line of books! (I think you look fancy and fabulous!)

  2. oh you really are fancy! :)_
    love this outfit, all those print combination-gorgeous! :)


  3. Love the mix of denim shorts and jewels! I am also usually the fanciest dressed at the part too!! Blogwise, I prefer bigger photos!

  4. Too funny! My girls tell me I look fancy sometimes too. I'm pretty sure all those "Fancy Nancy" books are having an effect on them!


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