Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Latelies in Instas!

Happy Thursday ladies...only one more day until the holiday weekend!  I've decided to just do my Thursday Latelies in instagram photos.  It's easier for me and I think it's more interesting but then again I'm a photo gal.  If you hate Thursday Latelies in instas, let me know and I'll change it just for you!

So onto the what has made me happy this week.  Lipstick, lipstick and MORE lipstick!  I went to Walgreens the other day and there was a sale on Revlon lipstick.  Ummm I went kind of crazy.  I sort of have a problem.  But seriously a good lip shade makes me feel put together and adds a little pop of color to my day.

We have been eating so well lately and it's thanks to this lady.  Every single recipe we have tried on Annie's Eats has been phenomenal.  It's my go-to when I put together my weekly menu.  We have tried so many amazing things like homemade refried beans, pasta alla vodka, chicken ranch pizza, spicy pork po' boys and the latest pictured below chicken gyros and Greek salad.  So good!  Honestly if you have not checked her out, go do it now!  You will be so happy you did!

On Wednesday, I got this fabulous rug.  I love it.  I've been wanting a rug for my kitchen for awhile, but we have a dog and she slops water all over the floor so a full on kitchen rug is not really a good option.  So this little graphic beauty is perfect.  It's the right size and adds a little pizzazz to the space.

One of my favorite things to have around is fresh flowers.  I feel a little down and out without them.  They just bring a little breath of fresh air to our home and to my life.  Here's the latest.  These are perfect paired with my West Elm tray and an Anthropologie bowl filled with lavender.

We just got this HUGE container of bubbles and we broke it out this week.  Having bubbles around makes me feel like a kid all over again!  Next on the to-do list, sidewalk chalk drawings...

I hope you guys have a wonderful Thursday!  If you want to check out other Thursday Latelies, head over to Bex...A Diary.


  1. The chicken gyros and Greek salad look delicious! I should not have read this post while hungry!

  2. Love that rug :)
    Your greek salad looks really delicious :)
    Wanna follow each other?


  3. a) love that rug, and the gold hardware on your kitchen cabinets
    b) such a good idea for that anthro bowl. i just keep buying them because i'm obsessed, but they pile up and i want to display them!
    c) that west elm tray makes me happy. im very seriously considering ordering one.

    1. I know the feeling with the anthro bowls...they are addicting! I have them out everywhere! I use one in my kitchen to house my limes, several for my jewelry, one on my night stand for odds and ends and several around the house with lavender as a natural air freshener. And go buy that tray. It makes me happy every time I see it!

  4. i totally love your kitchen rug!!

  5. Love this post! And that is a lot of new lipstick :) Very cute rug --love these things, they really help give a warm feel to the kitchen!

  6. ohh i love that rug! and i have a lipstick problem too! man you must've gotten an amazing deal! you bought like 12!


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