Thursday, October 4, 2012

fall loves!

Since I am on a spending freeze right now, I am trying to keep tabs on what I want/need so that when I have money I can direct it toward things that I really love. As a result, I have started an email to myself that lists everything and then I can prioritize those items based on the amount of money I have available. Right now this is what I am really loving for fall. Are you in love with any of these?

1) Penfield Kasson Parka, Madewell, $185- I am in the market for a coat right now. I want one that will function for most of winter (except for the really cold days) and cute at the same time. I absolutely love the color of this one.

2) Gap Neon Animal Print Scarf, Gap, $29.95- I saw an outfit recently that was all black except for a pop in the neon scarf. I absolutely loved it. This one would be perfect and if I caught it when the 30 percent off sale is going on, it wouldn't be too bad for the budget.

3) Marquess Fleur Bracelet, J. Crew, $88- This bracelet is just gorgeous. I am so in love with it. Granted it probably won't make the budget cut, but that doesn't mean I can't admire it.

4) House of Harlow Sunburst Button Earrings, Zappos, $30- I love these beauties! I am such a stud person. I wear them all the time, so this is a good buy for me.

5) Animal print peplum top, Dorothy Perkins, $28.00- Animal print and peplum what better combo is there! I adore this top and know it would be on heavy rotation in my closet. And you can't beat the price.

6) Delicately Designed Colorblock Dress,, $45.99- I don't wear dresses much but this one is so very cute. I love everything about it.

7) Hacking Jacket in Herringbone, J. Crew, $198- Let's face it...this is probably out of my budget. But my oh my it is gorgeous. And the color is just perfect for the season.

8) Grey Fluffy Bow Cardigan, Dorothy Perkins, $55- I am so, so in love with this cardi. It is super cute and because of its neutral palette it would look great with anything. Definitely high up on my must-haves.

9) Hunter Rain Boots, $135- There's nothing new about these guys. I have a black pair but I'm ready to amp up my style with this perfect red color. Imagine these boots paired with the cobalt jacket...super cute!

10) Steve Madden Troopa, Piperlime, $100- This is pretty high up on my list. I want a pair of lace-up boots and these are just perfect. I can't wait till I can splurge a little.

11) Vera Meat Got Heart, ASOS, $37.94- I have been on the hunt for a little heart ring. I think this one would pair nicely with my wedding bands. I love how dainty it is.

So those are my dream team of fall loves. If only I could snatch them all up right this minute!

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  1. My eyes were immediately drawn to that neon scarf! I think I need to make a trip to the Gap soon!

  2. I am loving so many of these items! The bow sweater is darling and I am seriously in love with the J. Crew jacket. Oh J. Crew, they are always fantastic and almost always above my budget, too!


    1. I know that bow sweater is on my must haves! And isn't that kicker with J. Crew!

  3. I love the jacket and the boots!! gosh, i really need to go buy some boots it's starting to get cold.

  4. Oooh, we really love it all! So perfect for Fall.. those Steve Madden boots are amaze.

    ox from NYC!


  5. I seriously need a pair of Hunter rain boots!

  6. This is just making me want a parka even more! And the Hunter rain boots, they need to show up at my house now lol!

  7. Let me just say I love the green blazer and the sweater with the bows and or course the rain boots...i just want it all!

  8. That bow cardi is way too cute! x

  9. Shocker... I have the House of Harlow Sunburst necklace. I love it. I'm going to check out that leopard peplum top like now.

    1. You have everything I want! I know that leopard peplum is calling my name. Stupid, stupid budget.

  10. I love it that the list is not the usual orange, brown, maroon and purple fall colors. I think those hunter greens are gorgeous for all seasons.

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  11. I love that tan, navy and green dress and the red boots-adorable!!!

  12. Love the parka and the sweater with the bows on it. I enjoy reading your blog!



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