Wednesday, October 9, 2013

can you hear the kids screaming in the background?

{Blazer: Gap | Shirt: Similar | Jeans: Similar | Shoes: Similar}

Folks, we are getting to the point where taking outfit photos is starting to get real embarrassing. I mean I"m fine with it. I'm totally cool with looking like an idiot. It's my husband who doesn't like looking like one.

Take these photos. We were going to a circus event (in a rush as usual because we can never seem to leave on time EVER.) And so we had to hurriedly take these photos in front of all the other families heading to the event. But the real kicker is we leave the kids in the car (don't worry we don't abandon them...we take the photos right outside the vehicle). And we put the windows down so we can talk to them. Well, during this particular shoot (and let's be honest many of them), T was kicking the seat screaming at the top of his lungs because well, we are taking photos and he is sitting in the car. Meanwhile everyone is staring at us because I am vainly having my husband take my photos while my children are clearly not having it. And of course he's done and I"m like, "Take one more like this. Oooh how about this. How's this look?" And so on and so on.

I think the real solution to this problem is buying a house where we have a YARD so that we don't have to cart our kids on EVERY single photo shoot. (Hence maybe another reason why we've been lacking on the outfit photo front). Don't you wish there was video accompanying these photos? The things I do for this blog.


  1. Funny... but good for you taking the photos out in the world anyway! I'm scared to venture off my porch (and even feel awkward enough there if any of my neighbors happens to step outside while I'm doing them!), and I'm always jealous of people who have outfit photos with varied backgrounds :)

    Also: love this polka dot top combined with the great texture of the blazer and the laid-back jeans! Very cute.

  2. HA HA HA! I love this story! It makes the photos all that much better to know the chaos that was going on around you! And I can totally see your hubby being like, "Ok, I took 2, I think we're done now."

    Also... you look amazing! I'm fairly certain you were the belle of the circus!

  3. Love your polkadot shirt! Oh... I can't imagine how hard photos are going to be with two. It's hard enough with one!!

  4. Buying a house in Chicago with a yard is easier said than done. I love this combination; it's a great look!

  5. I swear I died laughing during this entire post!! I mean, l can literally picture it now!! Please try to set up a video recorder next time....I need to see this in real life! My girls go with us on lots of shoots and it is a three ring circus....yes, the things we do for our blogs! I seriously love you 100 times more than I already did after this!!

  6. Loving both your blazer and the boyfriend jeans! Stunning look :)

    Life in the Fash Lane

  7. ooh i love this look. and hey, sometimes you need to do what you want while the kids sit for a couple of minutes. i'm glad you're still taking photos and posting them!


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