Wednesday, September 18, 2013

here's to the last of summer.

{Jacket: J. Crew | Necklace: Similar | Shirt: Old Navy | Shoes: J. Crew Factory | Bag: Rachel Zoe}


I'm thinking this is the last of the shorts outfits and that fall is really here. How happy are you about that? I know I"m pretty pleased!

My husband is leaving for four days and it's just me, a toddler and a babe. Now does that sound like fun or what? {Insert sarcasm here.} Truth be told, I'm actually terrified. But I just need to put on my big girl pants and buck up. Right? Right. {That's me giving myself a pep talk.}

So if it's quiet around these parts for the rest of the week you'll know why. It's because I've either pulled all my hair out or my brain has atrophied from baby and toddler speak.


  1. Lovely striped shorts :)

    Hope you have an okay time with your husband being away!

    Away From The Blue

  2. Love the tee with the shorts. And those shoes! Super cutesy! Hope you survived your time alone :)
    Nikki at

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  3. I am SO ready for fall weather. Love those shorts! Hope you can join us by linking up to Monday Mingle again! :)


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